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How to Play

Little Warrior card holders are able to participate in a 1 vs 1 game called  “The Colosseum.” 

Overall Strategy:

"Little Warriors – The Colosseum " is a tactical and strategic card game where players must carefully choose when to attack or defend. Balancing offense, defense, and special actions are crucial to emerging victorious in this player vs. player duel.


Reduce your opponent's health points from 10 to 0 while keeping your own health points as high as possible. Each player has a set amount of Attack, Defend, and special actions to use each game. Only 1 player will stand victorious.

Turn Order:

Each player takes an action at the same time and selects an action to play by submitting an action to a non bias party. (Currently this game is hosted in The Humble Mining Game Co & NFTRVN discords.)

A player cannot attack and defend in the same turn.

The game continues until one player's health points reach 0.

Attack Action Deck Composition: “normal attack / strong attack / critical attack”

Normal Attack Cards: 10

Strong Attack Cards: 2

Critical Attack Cards: 2

Defense Card Deck Composition: “weak defense / average defense / strong defense”

Weak Defense Cards: 5

Average Defense Cards: 2

Strong Defense Cards: 2

Special Card Deck Composition: “parry”

Parry: 1

When a player plays the “parry” action the opponents attack is completely ineffective and the player deals 1 damage to the opponent.

Player Actions:

Attack: When a player chooses to attack the card's attack value is applied to the opponent's health points. Each card has a 100% success rate.

Normal Attack Card: Deals 1 damage.

Strong Attack Card: Deals 2 damage.

Critical Attack Card: Deals 3 damage.

Defend: When a player chooses to play a Defense card the player reduces incoming damage from an incoming attack. Each card has a 100% success rate.

Weak Defense Card: Reduces incoming damage by 1 point.

Average Defense Card: Reduces incoming damage by 2 points.

Strong Defense Card: Reduces incoming damage by 3 points.

Health Points:

Each player starts with 10 health points.

A player's health points can be reduced through successful attacks by the opponent.

A player's health points cannot exceed 10, and if it reaches 0, they lose the game.

Game Outcome: 

Win: The Player wins 100 Ravencoin or equivalent amount in Bitcoin. (Player preferance)

Loss: The losing players card is sent to be burned. 💀

Card Revivals

Lose a game and end up 💀?

- Don't worry there's hope!

Collect 1 Life Crystal and you'll be able to revive a warrior from the dead to fight another day!

Revives are submitted via DM with thehumbleminer in the HMGameCo Discord.

1st come 1st serve so be quick and gather those crystals as fast as possible!

How to find: You can buy them on open exchanges or earn them through various item drops. Keep an eye out! You can also submit an order request here.

Revivial Limit: Cards can only be revived up to 5 times. After that - super 💀 and that card will be burned forever. 🔥

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