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The Humble Miner is a 2D classic mining game. Each month the top 10 players earn some Bitcoin and Ravencoin for their mining efforts and every player earns withdrawable digital assets for mining blocks!


Time to Hit the Mine and Earn Some Coins!

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Love our game?

We appreciate donations to help fund future development & pay for operating costs!

Ravencoin: RV2J4PXwE971GkVwX3bwqqdtqaMVHi9snR



Version 1.0.16

Game Features:

> Competitive. The Leaderboard resets monthly to give everyone a mining chance!

> Discover gold, silver, and other materials.

> Earn real digital tokens you can withdraw outside the game for your hard work!

> Idle Mining. Hire miners in the area to work for you!

> Buy and sell in-game items at the local shop.

> Features a cave collapse mini game.

> Available on iOS and Android Mobile devices

> Crypto resources. Learn about Bitcoin &  other digital currencies.

> Referral Rewards

> Earn & purchase NFTs in-game

Earn Pickbits

Earn  Pickbit Tokens  ($PKBIT)

What's a Pickbit?

A Pickbit $PKBIT is an in-game digital utility token that players earn by playing The Humble Miner game. The token is built on the decentralized Ravencoin Network. Pickbits are primarily used as an in-game currency but they can be withdrawn outside the game and stored in a personal digital wallet that supports digital assets built on the Ravencoin network. 




** The Humble Mining Co, LLC has no ability to recover or transfer $PKBIT tokens once a player's tokens are withdrawn to a personal wallet.**

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Pikbit - Copy.png

How Do I Withdraw My Pickbit To My Wallet?

1. Go to settings - update wallet address.

2. Enter your wallet address and verify via the OTP code.

3. Click the cash out symbol just below your Pickbit balance.

4. Enter withdrawal amount over 50 and verify via an OTP code.


Pickbit withdrawal requests are typically processed within 48 hours. 

Need some help or want to learn more? Visit the Help & Resources page. 

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Pikbit - Copy.png


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Getting Started

>  Read the in-game tutorial!

>  Stop by your mobile home and add items to your bag. Click "Done."

> Don't feel bad you're -50 coins after you  were towed. Head to the mines and find some gold to sell.

> If you get yourself far in debt maybe it's time to start a new game. *Note - you'll lose all items.*

> The Leaderboard can be found via the "Pause" menu. Click the bar chart. 

Mining 101

>  What's the fastest way to earn coins and Pickbit tokens? Hit the mine!

> Once you have enough coins - hire local miners to help you earn coins and Pickbits.

> Idle Miner Earning Rates. Each idle miner costs 2,500 coins to hire. Each miner mines blocks at set rates but they may not always be lucky enough to turn a profit.

> Miners can only be hired for  8 / 24 hours. 


>  Stock up on water and bread to make sure you can get out of a mine with everything you found.

> If you lose your health and have to get evacuated by the medical team you'll have to pay a bill and your items you found will be left behind. Don't worry you can venture back and find your items where you left them.

> Be safe. Don't fall from too high and don't stand too close to dynamite.


>  If you experience any issues please send a note with what went wrong. Click "Pause" and then "Miner Support."

> We can also be reached at

> We appreciate any feedback in order to improve the game.


Download &

Play Now!

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© 2021 by The Humble Mining Co, LLC

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